FAQ- Understanding my Federal Employee Benefits [Video]

How Do I Understand My Federal Employee Benefits? Federal government employees are provided with an impressive benefits package. The standard benefits are considered by many experts to be a valuable component of its compensation package, often exceeding the benefit packages offered by public sector employers.…

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7 Myths About Financial Planning

Many people recognize the importance of financial planning today. Yet many still hold misconceptions about who can benefit from financial planning and how it can best benefit them. Myth #1: Financial planning is just for the wealthy. Financial planning isn’t about “getting wealthy”—it’s about helping…

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Santa is Retired

Santa Has Left the Building If you haven’t already heard, Santa gave up his breaking-and-entering delivery schedule long ago. Initially, Sears, Macy’s, and Nordstroms took over. Today, Amazon, Target, and Etsy have taken the reins. Instead of having to send long, heartrending petitions to Santa…

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Planning to Retire Within Five Years? Retirement Planning Questions You Should Consider Now

If you’re planning to retire within five years, you might be getting restless thinking about whether or not you’re financially ready. While five years isn’t long to finalize retirement planning, you can probably look forward to decades of retirement and, just as you would consult…

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Don’t Panic

If you’ve been watching market headlines, you probably heard that markets tumbled in the first days of 2016, raising the specter of corrections and bear markets. When markets swing, it’s natural to worry about your investments and question your commitment to your strategy. As financial…

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Medicaid and Money

Getting old is not for sissies. Especially if one’s health begins to fail. Yet most of us will agree that getting old sure beats the alternative. Yeah, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and Bruce Lee are forever young in our minds, but they missed a whole…

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Beneficiary Review

Back in 2012, Forbes online published an article titled “ Dead man’s outdated beneficiary documents give one million to ex-wife.” Can you imagine? This guy would probably be turning in his grave if he realized that he accidentally gave one million dollars to the wrong…

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