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The S&P 500, Federal Employee Retirement, and NASCAR

My dad loved to watch sports. Nothing made for a more perfect Saturday than a couple of college games on either side of the dial and a NASCAR race in between. It didn’t take a hometown team on the screen to make the outcome matter, just intense competition and cheering fans on the sidelines.

Oddly enough, we often look at the day-to-day movement of the S&P 500 in the same way. We see a winner when the index rises and a loser when it falls.

Tracking the S&P

Our desire to track the S&P’s, aka the stock market score of the top 500 companies, is understandable.retirement is not a race graphic

Many of us have retirement accounts, and a rising S&P means we feel richer and more confident, while a drop in the numbers can cause a little bit (or even a lot) of anxiety about the future.

Of course, most day-to-day movements of the S&P are about as important as lap number 73 in the Indianapolis 500. Not very important.

In reality, lap number 73 could be the beginning, middle, or end of a trend affecting the outcome of the race.

A major movement in the S&P could be the beginning of a bull market or a bear coming out of the woods. But in most cases, like most single laps at a NASCAR event, one day’s movement of the S&P has very little predictive meaning.

The important thing is the long-term performance. At the close of trading on December 6, 1975, the S&P 500 was $67.41. On December 3, 2014, it stood at $2067.45.

Obviously, making a decision to quit the race based on the performance of one lap or one bad day of index fluctuation would have been a tad hasty.

Top 5 Holdings in the S&P

As the top holding in the S&P, Apple is the largest publicly traded company in the world. Microsoft is second which is a role reversal from the past decade. Amazon is now fast on its heels along with Facebook and Google rounding out the top 5.

Retirement planning isn’t a race. It’s about never giving up and staying in the game, continuing to pay yourself by contributing as much as you can to your retirement savings.

So enjoy the sports and S&P highlights on the nightly news with a cold beverage and a bag of chips. But remember, the real highlight is the consistent participation in your retirement planning.

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