Shredfest 2019

As a child, my parents bribed me with toys to get good grades. Now that I’m an adult, the bribes are a lot less fun. Not Getting Arrested in exchange for Paying My Taxes isn’t the same dopamine rush as getting the Super Soaker I really wanted when I was nine.


Now that tax day has passed, I’m dreading the chore of sorting the piles of paperwork covering my kitchen table. Are you in the same boat (in an ocean of outdated documents)?


Lucky for you, there’s a better reason to sort your “keep” and “shred” pile other than the sheer satisfaction of having a clear conscious and kitchen table.


As your financial advisor, we’re all about helping you save money while still enjoying life!


That’s why every year we give away free raffle tickets to everyone who shows up for free on-site secure shredding. Attendees snack on some free hot coffee and donuts while they enjoy free live music and the pleasure of our company.

Not sure if you noticed, but that’s a lot of value for zero money. 

Shredfest 2019 was the best year for our spring event yet! Attendees snacked on fresh fruit, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and hot coffee while Jack Bond filled the air with peaceful guitar music as 3,500 pounds of paper was securely shredded in our parking lot on May 4th.


The raffles were a big hit this year, each valuing about $100 each!


Raffle #1, the Bakers Raffle, included a $50 William Sonoma gift card, a le Creuset casserole dish, spalted wooden ladle, and a beautiful cotton dishcloth.


Raffle #2 was the Gardener’s raffle, with a $50 gift card to Potomac Gardens, a local nursery, organic fertilizer and potting soil, and a large blue ceramic planter!


Raffle #3, the birdwatchers raffle, was assembled with our elders in mind. The basket contained a light-weight bird bath, a window bird feeder, window hummingbird feeder, and pre-shelled birdseed to avoid mess!


Our final raffle was an exclusive guest – only raffle: A bottle of red wine, a bottle of white wine, two Medallion wine glasses, and a $50 gift card to Coastal Flats.


We also promoted our upcoming event, Organize and Downsize.