Event: Organize and Downsize 2019

Do you have too much stuff? You’re not alone. Americans are great at accumulating stuff, but not great at knowing when or how to let it go. Going through all your accumulated things can be daunting, but we’re here to help you reclaim your life on every level.

Popular TV shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, Master the Mess, and Small Space, Big Style have made letting go of unnecessary clutter in vogue for 2019. So, in the spirit of things, we brought in Donna Dettling, a professional organizer and Lynn Holland, a downsizing realtor to share their trade secrets of organizing and downsizing your home.

Donna Dettling, the owner of her own organizing company Simpler Life Solutions, describes her work as the following:

“As a professional organizer, I partner with clients who struggle to maintain order and control due to life events, health concerns, hectic schedules and many other issues. I help them transform their surroundings and lives from chaotic and overwhelmed … to calm and simplified.”

Lynn Holland, our favorite realtor for downsizing a home, works for ReMax in the Washington, D.C. area. She has been ranked in the top 1% of realtors nationwide and has been a top-producing agent for over 17 years with 500+ transactions.

Together the two ladies blew everyone away with their trade secrets and wise insight into the world of “less is more”. My personal favorite clutter advice from Donna solved my personal clutter issue with things I mean to donate. No more thinking “oh yeah, I wanted to donate this,” and then putting the weird figurine back where you have been keeping it since it was given to you 30 years ago. Instead, have a “donation box” tucked away in a closet somewhere near your front door so when you find things to donate, you remember to put them in the box right away. When the box is full, go donate it!

My favorite takeaway from Lynn was the “Edgecomb Grey” paint swatch from Sherman Williams she tucked into the takeaway folder she made for everyone. It’s the perfectly timeless shade of grey that goes with everything!

Both Donna and Lynn put together take-away gifts for all attendees with raffle prizes tucked in a few lucky folders! Donna’s raffle basket included a 30-minute in-home consultation and her favorite organizing book “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter”, and Lynn gave away multiple Home Depot and HomeGoods gift cards!

Medallion Financial Group included a raffle of our own, a beautiful document organizer with a copy of our Estate and Document Organizer, X Marks The Spot, a bullet journal, and a set of beautiful colored pens.

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