5 Unexpected Benefits Of Letting (Your Stuff) Go

Disney’s movie Frozen came out when I was in college.

As catchy as it is mind numbing after the millionth time your child replays the famous musical debut, Let It Go, the song has some truth to its message (especially when applied to letting go of material goods you don’t need).

Fast forward a few years, and popular TV shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, Master The Mess, and Small Space, Big Style have made letting go of unnecessary clutter downright TRENDY.

These are some of the benefits you can find by conquering the clutter in your castle.

And after you declutter your stuff, declutter the rest of your “assets”, so to speak, and speak with a certified financial planner.

Cash in on Your Clutter

Figurines, sports memorabilia, vintage home goods, antique jewelry, etc. may have gained value while sitting in your attic.

Consider getting them appraised by a professional collector and see if one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure!

Help Others

If selling your stuff is too much work, consider donating! Your book collection would be well loved at the local library.

If you had hobbies that you gave up a while ago (sewing, golf, knitting, gardening), consider donating leftover supplies to a local school or youth center.

Get More Breathing Room

Unworn clothing, unnecessary décor and furniture, and the knickknacks in your junk drawer are taking up valuable space in your home. Reclaim your space.

Make comfort a priority in your home and get rid of what doesn’t hold value to you.

Plus, once you remove all the distracting clutter, you’ll be able to see and enjoy your most useful, valuable, and cherished possessions more often.

More Free Time

The more stuff you own, the more time you’ll spend keeping the stuff in order. If you eliminate the clutter, you’ll automatically have time to spend on activities you enjoy.

Don’t Leave it to Your Loved Ones

When you pass away, the last thing your family wants to do is sort through and dispose of your possessions.

Make it easier for your loved ones and sort out the clutter (with their help) instead of leaving it all to them to do alone.

You know what else shouldn’t be left to your loved ones? Navigating your finances. Speak with a certified financial planner today.

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